Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Site

Three separate websites is simply too many. After an embarrassing amount of time, the work is done it's all be condensed into one. Nothing fancy, but it's all in once place with many river descriptions updated too. Now blog updates will return on a regular basis and can be found at: DarinMcQuoid.com

Monday, October 31, 2005

North Coast Range

Brandy Creek V (P) [Above Whiskeytown]

Bridge Creek V-V+ (P) [Wooley Creek Trib]

Canyon Creek V-V+ (P) [Scott River Tributary]

Clear Creek Lower I-II+ [Klamath Tributary]

Clear Creek Upper IV (V) (P)[Klamath Trib]

North Fork Cottonwood - Upper IV-IV+ (P) [Near Redding]

Crapo Creek V (P) [Cal Salmon]

Etna Creek, Lower IV-V [Scott River Trib]

Five Mile Creek V+ [Clear Creek Trib, one rapid]

Hayfork Creek IV-V (V+) [South Fork Trinity Trib]

Goose Creek IV-V [South Fork Smith Tributary]

Kidder Creek, Upper IV-V (P) [Scott River Trib]

Kidder Creek IV-IV+ (The Intro to Creeking Run) [Scott River Trib]

Klamath River, Playspot "Marquis"

Klamath River, Playspot "Schoolhouse"

McCloud Falls

McCloud, Lower III-IV (IV+)

McCloud, Upper River II-III

Mears Creek IV (V) (P)[Sacramento Trib]

New River Gorge IV-V (P) [Trinity River] - by Dan Menten

Patterson Creek - Lower V (P) [Scott River Trib]

Patterson Creek V (P) Take Two [Scott River Trib]

Patterson Creek - "North Fork" V-V+ (P)[Scott River Trib]

Putah Creek - Upper - IV-V

Box Canyon of the Sacramento River IV

Salmon River IV-IV+ (V)

Salmon River Playspot "Dirka Dirka" (IV)

Salmon River - South Fork IV-V

Scott River IV-V

Shackelford Creek V (P) [Scott River Tributary]

Smith River - Middle Fork Gorge IV

Smith River - North Fork (III-IV)

The "G Spot" - South Fork Smith

Smith River - South Fork IV (IV+)

Smith River - South Fork Upper IV-V

Slate Creek V (V+)[Sacramento Trib]

Trinity River - Burnt Ranch Gorge IV-V

Trinity River - South Fork (Klondike Mine) IV-V- (V+)

Wooley Creek IV-V [Salmon Trib]

Sierra Nevada

Whitewater Kayaking Northern California Runs, Taylor Robertson, Waterfall

American River, North Fork of the North Fork V-V+

American River, North Fork - Royal Gorge V-V+

American River, South Fork - "Golden Gate" V-V+

Big Kimshew Creek V-V+

Butte Creek IV-V (P)

Clover Creek IV-V [Sequoia National Forest]

Coon Creek IV-V [Auburn]

Cosumnes, Middle, Upper V-V+

Old Cow Creek II-III (IV) [Redding]

Dinky Creek - SuperDink "Infinislide" V

Dinkey Creek – The Waterfalls V-V+ (P) [North Fork Kings Tributary] -Day One-

Dinkey Creek – The Waterfalls V-V+ (P) [North Fork Kings Tributary] -Day Two-

Dry Meadow Creek - The Teacups V

Feather River, Middle Fork - "Bald Rock Canyon" V (P)

Feather River, North Fork Cresta IV Tobin V

Feather River, Middle Fork, South Branch - Upper V

Feather River, Middle Fork, South Branch - Lower V

Feather River, South Fork IV-V

Feather River, West Branch - "Ben & Jerry's" V-V+

Fish Creek IV-V [Middle Fork San Joaquin Tributary]

Fordyce Creek IV-V (V+)

Indian Creek, Upper V-V [North Fork Feather Tributary]

Kaweah River, East Fork V-V+

Kaweah River, Marble Fork V-V+

Kaweah River, Middle Fork, "Hospital Rock" V

Kaweah River, Middle Fork "Upper" V-V+

Kaweah River, North Fork - Upper IV-V

Kings River, Upper Middle Fork V-V+ "Middle Kings"

Kings River, North Fork V-V+ (Above Wishon Reservoir)

Lavozella Creek IV

Lost Creek V-V+ (P) [South Fork Feather]

Lower Mill Creek IV-V (2 days)

Upper Mill Creek V (2 days)

Mokelumne River, North Fork - "Fantasy Falls' V (P) -Day One-

Mokelumne River, North Fork - "Fantasy Falls' V (P) -Day Two-

Mokelumne River, North Fork - "Fantasy Falls' V (P) -Day Three-

Pauley Creek IV (V)

Pit River, "Pit 1 Reach" III+ - IV (V)

San Joaquin, Middle Fork - "Devil's Postpile" V-V+ (P) -Day One-

San Joaquin, North Fork -Lower- V-V+ (P)

San Joaquin, North Fork -Upper- V-V+ (P)

San Joaquin, South Fork -Lower- V-V+ (P)

Silver Fork of the South Fork American V-V+

South Silver V (P) [South Fork American Tributary]

Stanislaus, North Fork - "Hell's Kitchen" V (P)

Tiger Creek IV-V

Traverse Creek Fall [Placerville]

Tule River, South Fork Middle Fork V

Shirttail Creek V [North Fork American]

Tuolumne, Grand Canyon IV-V+ (P) -Day One-

Tuolumne, Grand Canyon IV-V+ (P) -Day Two-

Tuolumne, Grand Canyon IV-V+ (P) -Day Three-

Tuolumne River, Poopenaut Gorge V-V+ (P)

Tuolumne, South Fork V (P)

Upper Cherry Creek IV-V (P) [Tuolumne River Tributary]

West Cherry V-V+ (P) [Cherry Creek Tributary, a Tributary to the Tuolumne River ]

Yuba, North Fork - "Loves Falls" V

Yuba, South Fork - 49 to Bridgeport V (P)

Yuba, South Fork - Purdon's to Bridgeport V

Yuba, South Fork - "East Meets West" IV-V (P)

Yuba, South Fork - "Yuba Gap" V-V+


Whitewater Kayaking California

British Columbia

Homathko V-V+

Thompson River IV

Skookumchuck (Playspot) IV

Stikine River, Grand Canyon V-V+


Black Brook IV-V

Bluey Brook IV-V (V+)

Cloud River IV-V (V+)

Doctor's Brook IV-V

Humber River Falls V

Leg Pond Feeder V-V+

Little Harbor River V

Steady Brook IV-V

Torrent River V